Why Choose DragonFX

​Why Choose DragonFX

1.Legal and supervised

Dragon FX is registered in Vanuatu with company registration number 014634. It’s under the regulation and supervision of The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission(VFSC, established in 1993), making sure your fund is safe during trading.


2.Diverse trading accounts and trading terms.

  • Demo account allows a newcomer to experience trading in foreign exchange market without a lot of money.

  • Standard account allows individual investors to do flexible trading with a leverage ratio of 1:500

  • Professional account is the trading platform for professional investors.

  • VIP account provides joint and cooperate investors to flexibly use a leverage of up to 1:500 to trade.


3.Highly-competitive pricing info and spread

Benefited from competitive spread, speedy system and transparent pricing info, our customers are able to create the most profit with the least cost.

4.High-speed high-tech computing center.

  • The most advanced EQUINIX New York Data Processing Center (NY4)

  • High-frequency, little-delay cloud computing server.

  • Multiple data backup facilities in different countries.

  • Syncing the STP system of banking market.

  • Multiple optic fiber wires make Internet connection faster than others.

5.Professional and reliable service team

We provide our customers with online customer service system to solve their problems. We also have professionals with sophisticated IT skills who offer great trading platform, making it convenient and efficient for our customers to use our system.

6.Stable and fast computing facility

DragonFX is in a partnership with EQUINIX, a company listed on NASDAQ stock exchange, making it possible for investors to trade by using speedy program with little delays. EQUINIX has the most interconnected computing centers with a total of 145 distributed over five continents. To get close to our customers, we have built computing centers in NY4(New York), TY3(Tokyo) and HK3(Hong Kong). In addition, the cross connection within IBX information center ensures high performance, reliable Internet connection, little redundancy and little delays, providing stable and timely service.

Through a hardware framework for professional FX trading and a NY4 computing center, which is a server just six miles from Wall Street, New York, our system makes it possible for high-frequency traders to trade with little delays.

DragonFX trades with banks around the world by utilizing computing centers such as EQUINIX NY4 (New York), TY3 (Tokyo) and HK3 (Hong Kong), which are located in the hubs for financial trading. NY4 provides all buyer and seller organizations on Wall Street with trading platform and locations to facilitate their trading. Through the enormous Internet networks, traders who use DUH systems enjoys the most stable systems with the least delays. Thus, our customers can always decisively put on their trades thanks to the entire enhancement of trading system.