Vanuatu Regulation

Corporate Governance DragonFX is registered with Vanuatu, company registration number: 014634, and is strictly regulated and supervised by The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (established in 1993, referred to as "VFSC") to ensure the security of all funds in your trading process. DragonFX's regulators require customers to be well-protected and have a safe and transparent trading environment, making transactions as safe and efficient as possible, while customer funds are regulated and safeguarded. Company registration number: 014634 Company registration address: Govant Building, BP 1276 Port Vila, Vanuatu

FDRC Regulation

Dragon Universal Holding Limited is a registered member of the Financial Dispute Mediation Committee of the United Kingdom, and the Financial Dispute Resolution Committee (FDRC) is an external dispute resolution (EDR) consumer and merchant unable to resolve disputes with financial service providers. An alternative solution that provides greater transparency and accountability for the financial sector. The agency is a neutral, collaborative financial dispute resolution center that specializes in financial institutions including foreign exchange brokers, asset management companies, trust funds and payment providers. . The FDRC listed the most important promotional values, namely trust, social responsibility and quality services.

FCA Ragulation

UK license applying