System maintenance announcement

Dear Value Customer:

To ensure a smoother and safer trading environment.

We will transfer the mainframe location at 2019/06/15 am 01:00-02:00 Beijing time.

(2019/05/14 GMT 17:00-18:00)

The hardware device of the equipments will be updated.

And at the same time add independent lines for safety and security reason.

Please follow the steps to link the new server.

PC / Android platform:

Please re-login your account.

iOS platform:

Please follow the step: [Settings→New Account].

And long press on MetaTrader4 logo for 5-10 seconds.

After 2019/06/17 am 05:10 Beijing time, please click quotes is live. If not, please try again.



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您完全了解相關風險,如有需要,請尋求專業意見。更多詳情,請查看我們完整的 風險警告 和 商業條款 。

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