You can use computers, tablets, smart phones to trading by designed for professional traders without any restrictions.

  • Flexible and fast trading platform

  • Global accessibility from PC, web & mobile

  • many types of order execution

  • 50 ready-to-use indicators for technical analysis

  • Basic tools for graphic analysis

  • Expert advisors for algorithmic trading

Meta Trader 4 

MetaTrader 4 Platform (MT4) is the most popular online Forex trading terminal in the world. The platform becomes even more powerful once it is connected to our deep FX liquidity pools. DragonFX has worked hard alongside MetaQuotes to fine-tune our fibre optic network and servers to fully exploit MetaTrader 4's Forex trading capabilities. Traders using the DragonFX MT4 platform are gaining an edge on global Forex markets with substantial improvements in execution speed and a transparent price feed across all asset classes.

MT4 Phone/Pad (Android)
MT4 Phone/Pad (APPLE-IOS)



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