An essential integrated tool that allows money manager to manage multiple accounts at the same time. It quickly execute block orders with one click under a master account arrangement and conveniently automate trade allocations to customer accounts. 


•    Place orders for an unlimited number of client accounts
•    Manage multiple master accounts with different trading strategies
•    Multiple allocation types, including balance, lot, percentage and equity
•    Client allocations starting at just 0.01 lots
•    Utilise all MT4 order types: stops, limits, trailing stops, close all, etc.
•    Statistical annual report
•    Real-time monitoring of commissions and performance

Conditions for a Money Manager

•    Money Manager should deposit at least $5,000 of his own money.
•    Money Manager’s own MT4 account will be attached to his master account together with his clients' accounts.

​1.Register and deposit

​2.Add trading accounts

​3.Enjoy convenience



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