Each currency has its own ISO currency code.


Currency Codes are characters used to identify the currencies. They are defined by International Standards Organization under their ISO 4217 standard. It represents the currencies in two ways: a three-letter alphabetic code or a three-digit numeric code.

Alphabetic Currency Code consists of three letters. In most cases, the first two letters of the alphabetic currency code represent the country (two-letter abbreviation for country name defined by ISO 3166) and the third letter corresponds to the first letter of the currency name.

US Dollar                 USD

Australian dollar     AUD

Canadian dollar      CAD

Swiss franc              CHF

Japanese yen          JPY

New Zealand dollar     NZD

Euro                         EUR

British pound          GBP

Swedish krona                SEK

Danish krone               DKK

Krona Norwegian        NOK

Singapore dollar         SGD

Czech Koruna              CZK

Hong Kong Dollar       HKD

Mexican Peso                 MXN

Polish Zloty                       PLN

Russian Ruble        RUB

Turkish Lira                       TRY

South African Rand    ZAR