Observe upcoming news events through the forex calendar to improve your trading skill

Forex Calendar

Which are the most powerful upcoming market-moving events? When is a bullish or a bearish trend likely to set in and how will that affect the market?

For traders decision making is all important. Setting up an investment goal and choosing a particular financial instrument to trade on can only bring the expected return on investment if you know what moves the market and when it is the optimal time to enter or exit your trades.

The DragonFX economic calendar provides useful information on upcoming macroeconomic events by means of pre-scheduled news announcements and government reports on economic indicators that influence the financial markets. This will help you not only follow a wide range of major economic events that continuously move the market but also make the right investment decisions. Because market reactions to global economic events are very quick, you will find it useful to know the time of such upcoming events and adapt your trading strategies accordingly.

Economic Calendar Indicators

​1.Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)

​2.Consumer Price Index (CPI)

​3.Durable Goods Orders

​4.Employment Cost Index (ECI)

​5.Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

​6.Gross Domestic Product Deflator

​7.Industrial Production (IP)

​8.Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (IPCU)

​9.International Trade (trade balance)

​10.Institute of Economic Research (IFO)

​11.National Association of Purchasing Manager Index (NAPM)

12.Non-farm Payroll Employment

​13.Producer Price Index (PPI)

​14.Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)

​15.Retail Sales

​16.Tankan (Short-period Economy Observation)

​17.Unemployment Rate



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