​About Dragon Universal

Dragon Universal, short for Dragon Universal Holding Limited, is a group of company with diversity and innovation. We are specialized in several fields including finance, automobile and real estate. Also, we have partnership in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. With TRUST as our fundamental value and sustainable business, innovation and diversity as our direction, we seek to build a lasting relationship between our business and customers. We take customers’ needs seriously and in such an ever-changing financial market, we are constantly innovating and adapting ourselves to the demand of market in order to provide our customers with customized fund management service.

What's DragonFX

DragonFx is a direct subsidiary of a group of company registered in Vanuatu, a beautiful island country in southwest Pacific Ocean. We strive to be the leading business dealing with financial foreign exchange trading platform. We have set up our branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen China and Hong Kong. In the future, we will continue to establish more branches as our business develops and grows.


Serving our customers as the top priority, we provide investors worldwide with the most professional, transparent, speedy and direct global foreign exchange trading tools and environment. We also offer news on the market, trading condition, various type of trading accounts, and simulation account, so our customers can more conveniently make trading decisions and act on their trades with the most real-time pricing data.


DragonFX offers competitive bid prices, powerful and reliable system, high-tech server and amiable customer service, so our customers do not have to worry about fluctuation in prices, slippage and unreasonable transaction cost. DragonFX provides customers with superior investing environment with “customer first” as our philosophy, allowing our customers to make more profit easily and to get more wonderful surprises in such a market(with unlimited potential) in which hundreds of billions of US dollars flow per day.


Now we earnestly invite you to join DragonFX to feel the trading experience like you've never tried before.


DragonFX is surely your reliable trading partner!